Hi, there!

Let me guess- you know how important it is to master social media, but you just don't have the time, energy, or manpower. Totally understandable! Social media strategists average $50,000 a year, and running attractive, highly engaged social media accounts is nearly impossible with your busy schedule. 

Enter Social Maggie! Social Maggie exists to help you create and grow engaging social media profiles. With years of experience and passion, I would love to team up with you to take your business to the next level.

No comment bots.  No fake followers. No following and unfollowing.

I create real relationships with real users who are in your target market. I'm not about followers that won't convert. I'm about creating a community that looks forward to your posts, visits your website, and loves your business!

My goal is to redefine social media marketing. If you want to get on board with the future of social media marketing, without breaking the bank, let's talk.


Here's a little about me. I'm a...

  • mom to a goldendoodle named Olivia. I actually thought she was a boy for the first 3 weeks I had her. True story. The vet thought it was hilarious.
  • newlywed! Believe it or not, I met my husband accidentally on Snapchat. He lived in Texas and I lived in SC. I moved to Texas and eloped within the year.
  • little obsessed with The Office. I've seen the entire series at least 11 times through. I'm also into New Girl, Parks & Rec, Jane the Virgin, and all things dry humor.
  • Myers-Briggs nut. I'm an I(N/S)TJ (shocking, I know), and I can understand a person almost immediately from 4 simple letters.
  • bargain hunter. If you go shopping with me and can't find me, I'm at the sales rack.
  • milkshake snob. Sorry, but not all chocolate milkshakes were created equal.
  • coworker. I work in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. That's where you'll find me most work days.
  • social media guru! Now, click here to reach out to me, or click here to check out my services and prices!

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