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Social Maggie is amazing. Super professional, can handle last minute edits on the fly, and is a goddess when it comes to social media! Our feeds look more consistent, our customers are more engaged, and sales are up. Hire her before she's unable to take on more clients. You won't be sorry.

Melissa's Before and After

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You are a genius in social media marketing!! πŸ™ŒπŸ» I'm in awe and I have my MBA in International Business/Marketing and my B.S. in Marketing... you are transforming my business through social media! I love the Girl Boss attitude and your desire to succeed.

Julia's Before and After

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You’re worth the $ already. The scheduled posts are perfect. You are great with words. I have no idea how you come up with original content all the time. It is also neat to see what another photographer picks out as pictures to "showcase" on their feed. THANK YOU!!

Jeanne's Before & After

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I got 4 inquiries for photo shoots from one hour of engagement!

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I am in awe. You took such little info from me and created all this great content. Thank you!

Rosey Profit's Before and After

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Great work! I am impressed to see so much engagement so quickly! I'm getting a kick out of all the likes and β™₯️'s!


I'm no longer stressed about content at all! Not having to worry about the posts every day is AMAZING! It's given me more time to think about improving content, etc. 


I won Social Maggie's giveaway, and wow, she is amazing! I usually get a handful of followers a day, but within just an hour, I have 20 new followers that are genuine and already engaging!


You're making such a difference for us! We already got a client who found us on Instagram last week!!!

While many of my clients wish to remain anonymous, this page will be updated as frequently as possible. Search #SocialMaggie on Instagram to see most of my recent work.