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Testimonials & Reviews

I became overwhelmed with keeping up with the social media platforms for my business. I started looking at virtual assistants and stumble upon Social Maggie's site in a Facebook group. I began looking more into what she offers and it was exactly what I needed. Her website is very easy to follow, thorough, and professional. I reached out to her and we chatted on the phone to go over my business in detail. We began working together the next week! She's transformed my social media accounts from inconsistent content and photos to a beautiful layout with engaging posts. I've received numerous compliments and a lot of real engagement from potential clients in my area. It's a great weight off my shoulders to know that my online presence is professional, consistent, engaging, and well taken care of by Social Maggie!


Monthly Management

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Mentoring Hour + Hashtag List

Maggie’s actionable advice is so incredibly valuable when it comes to navigating social media—Instagram, in particular. Her consulting services are essential, totally affordable, and provide the personalized attention necessary to help set you on the right track. And I could heap praise upon her hashtag library all day! It’s a serious time-saver that helps my business grow daily.

Maggie gave me a review of my IG profile in one of her live videos, and it was soooo helpful. I was able to immediately put some of the advice into action and I feel much more confident in my social presence on that platform (which I don't use personally so I was clueless!). I'm stashing some cash aside for a 1-on-1 session with her, and you should, too!


Free Instagram Live Critique


Monthly Management

Social Maggie is amazing. Super professional, can handle last minute edits on the fly, and is a goddess when it comes to social media! Our feeds look more consistent, our customers are more engaged, and sales are up. Hire her before she's unable to take on more clients. You won't be sorry.

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If you have a professional presence on Instagram and want to improve its impact, Social Maggie is THE go-to guru. I hired her for a 1:1 training a few months ago and, in about an hour, she gave me tips for improving my profile, reaching more ideal clients, choosing effective content, creating more engagement, and beautifying my feed. Her hashtag list has been invaluable, as has her prompt calendar. Working with Social Maggie gave me the confidence to do a complete overhaul of my account and create a feed that's more authentic and that attracts more of my real tribe members.


One-On-One Training Session + Product Customer


Monthly Management

Maggie is a genius in social media marketing!! 🙌🏻 I'm in awe and I have my MBA in International Business/Marketing and my B.S. in Marketing... She transformed my business through social media! I love the Girl Boss attitude and her desire to succeed.

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Engagement Hours + Products

You want to work with this girl!! Seriously. Maggie offers the best ways to grow your Instagram and Facebook organically. Which is HUGE. My favorite service she provides is her engagement hours. Each time I book an hour with her, I get so many new real followers who actually want to engage with me!! And if you’re looking for products to help you do this on you’re own you’re in the right spot, too. Her products are so helpful and affordable!! Also she is just cool and fun so stop reading this and go hire her or be her friend!


Monthly Management

She's worth the $ already. The scheduled posts were perfect. She's great with words. I have no idea how she comes up with original content all the time. It is also neat to see what another photographer picks out as pictures to "showcase" on my feed. THANK YOU!!

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Hourly Engagement

I got 4 inquiries for photo shoots from one hour of engagement!

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One-On-One Training Session


[Social Maggie's Training Session] helped me SO much-- it's transformed my Instagram and the way I'm looking at my business visually. Thank you. 

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Monthly Management + Hourly Engagement

Great work! I am impressed to see so much engagement so quickly! I'm getting a kick out of all the likes and ♥️'s!


Monthly Management

I'm no longer stressed about content at all! Not having to worry about the posts every day is AMAZING! It's given me more time to think about improving content, etc. 


Hourly Engagement

I won Social Maggie's giveaway, and wow, she is amazing! I usually get a handful of followers a day, but within just an hour, I have 20 new followers that are genuine and already engaging!


Hourly Engagement

[Social Maggie's Engagement Hours are] making such a difference for us! We already got a client who found us on Instagram last week!!!

While many of my clients wish to remain anonymous, this page will be updated as frequently as possible. Search #SocialMaggie on Instagram to see most of my recent work.