While we can discuss your particular needs during a free email consultation, here are a few of the services I offer:

Account Management Services

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Monthly Management Packages are a great way to outsource your social media. If you’re tired of doing it yourself or seeing minimal results, it’s time to book a package!

My packages include posting to Instagram, engagement, Facebook content, content creation, product photography, and more.

Monthly packages start at $370 per month. To see all of my monthly packages, click here!

If you have more questions about this service, be sure to check out my FAQ page!

Various Account Services

Hashtag Strategy is included in training, but you can also purchase my extensive list of hashtags (frequently updated!), which EVERYONE has agreed is well worth it.

Example of results from one hour of engagement!

Example of results from one hour of engagement!

Hourly Engagement consists of me logging into your Instagram account, using the answers of a short questionnaire, and targeting potential clients on Instagram. This engagement will consist of likes, genuine comments, and follows. I do not use bots or purchase fake followers. This hourly service boosts engagement, followers in your ideal demographic, reach, profile views, and more. 

Results vary, but I've never had a disappointed client! The first hour (and bundled hours) are $50 each. Following hours are $60 each.

Click here to reach out to me about booking an Engagement Hour.

If you have more questions about this service, be sure to check out my FAQ page!


Instagram Bio Rewrites are the key to a great first impression on Instagram.

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Does your bio have everything it needs- a touch of personality, information in the right places, correct branding, a call-to-action, and a description of your business? If not, reach out to me. Don't worry, I would never take your money if I can't see a way to improve your existing bio. I pull information from your website, photo captions, and more. If you want to share any additional information about your profile or business, just let me know!

A bio re-write costs $35. If the profile is new or has no website, no existing bio, or very little posts to study, the cost is $45 (pretty rare; just reach out to me for a free quote). This service includes 2 edits to the original rewrite I provide you. Additional rewrites will incur an additional fee to cover my time.


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One-On-One Training Sessions are 60-minute video calls specifically designed to benefit your business. If you have enough time and energy to manage your own Instagram, this package is the way to go! You'll receive recommended hashtags, post ideas, description updates, profile suggestions, tips and tricks, and engagement strategies to boost your engagement and followers. Payment plan available.

During this session, you'll receive:

  • lifetime access to my frequently-updated list of hashtags divided into helpful categories

  • lifetime access to my Facebook Group Directory

  • content and post ideas

  • a detailed critique of your current page (what's good, what's bad, what you should delete, etc.)

  • specific methods (including locations, users, and hashtags) I recommend you explore to boost engagement

  • suggestions for posts and captions moving forward

  • any collaboration ideas I may have (giveaways, reposts, etc.)

  • a 10-day period following the session to email or text me any questions you forget to ask during the session

One-on-one training sessions average $300 each and are well worth the investment!

If you have more questions about this service, be sure to check out my FAQ page!

One-On-One Training Session/Monthly Management Combo is the perfect option if you'd like me to manage your account while teaching you the ropes throughout the month(s). For more details, click here and check out the “I want you to manage it for me, but I want to learn the process, as well!” package.


Mentoring Sessions for Current or Future Social Media Strategists exists for those who are ready to run (or improve) their own social media management business. No more estimating package prices, DMing successful competitors asking for free advice, or "guesstimating" your way to success. Get ready for one-on-one training that will open your eyes to your own capabilities.

Within 2 weeks of launching Social Maggie, I had 2 clients. Within 6 months, I had an employee. Within a year, I was making more than I was on salary. Everything I did was through quality relationships, ethical marketing strategies, and constant growth and development. If I can do it, so can you.

Prices entirely depend on where you are in your business, but hours start at $200/hour. There is no commitment or minimum required. Yep, you read that right. I'm here to help you- not tie you down with a 4-digit commitment! After the session, you will gain access to my Facebook Group Directory for FREE!

Click here to chat with me about booking a session.

If you have more questions about this service, be sure to check out my FAQ page!