Facebook Group Directory (Lifetime Access to a Google Doc)


Facebook Group Directory (Lifetime Access to a Google Doc)


Did you know that 90% of my monthly clients found me on Facebook groups? To this day, over half my product sales still come from Facebook groups! If you're not fully participating and putting yourself out there, you're likely holding yourself back from an insane amount of growth.

This purchase will grant you lifetime access to my extensive Google Doc list of 65+ Facebook groups divided into promo days. When it comes time to announce a new product or service, all you have to do is pull up this document, go to that day of the week, and participate in all of the promos available for that day. It's also crazy easy to plan for a launch months in advance!

Unlike other Facebook group directories, this document is kept up-to-date. Deleted groups will be removed, links will be updated, and you’ll be kept happy!

These groups are primarily for English-speaking (though not only US-based) women in business and women creatives. If you provide products or services, would like to participate in follow chains to grow your social media, or are looking to get more views on blog posts or membership sites, this resource is for you!

The best part of all? Not only does the list include the group name and direct link, but I break down that group's rules for you. No more taking hours searching for hidden rules that will get you booted over a misunderstanding.

Don't forget... this goodie is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!


Categories include:

- Every Day Promos

- Monday

- Tuesday

- Wednesday

- Thursday

- Friday

- Saturday 

- Sunday

- Unclear (Post at Your Own Risk)

- Great Communities (With No Promos Allowed)

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