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Hi, I'm Maggie! Here's a little about me. I'm a...

  • mom to a goldendoodle named Olivia. I actually thought she was a boy for the first 3 weeks I had her. True story. The vet thought it was hilarious. 
  • little obsessed with The Office. I've seen the entire series at least 10 times through. I'm also into New Girl, Parks & Rec, Arrested Development, and all things dry humor.
  • Myers-Briggs nut. I'm an INTJ (shocking, I know), and I can understand a person almost immediately from 4 simple letters.
  • bargain hunter. If you go shopping with me and can't find me, I'm at the sales rack.
  • milkshake snob. Sorry, but not all chocolate milkshakes were created equal.
  • social media guru! Now, click here to reach out to me, or click here to check out my services and prices!